Michael Michelini is a reformed Wall St banker, who moved to China eight years ago and has never looked back.

Today, Mike is a very busy man. In addition to his two business podcasts, his column on Forbes Asia and his regular TV appearances, Mike runs a collection of China-based businesses.

On the side, he helps foreigners navigate a very complex China and Hong Kong regulatory business environment and set up more transparent, mutually beneficial, relationships with their factories.


– How his one month business trip has turned into eight years so far.

– How he has progressed from using MySpace to source his customers.

– What are the biggest mistakes people make when doing business in China?

– How to build relationships and trust with Chinese partners.

– The differences in corporate culture between China and the West.

– How he employs staff in China.

– Why it’s important to talk to the owner of your factory.

– How cheap it is do get your factory inspected by a third party company – without you needing to go there.

– How to know the factory you’re dealing with is actually the one making your products.

– The importance of ‘face’ in China.

– How Chinese factories respond to ‘ethical’ initiatives.

– The value of an abundance mentality.

– The impact of the Chinese government’s crackdown on corruption.

– What entrepreneurs can do to help the employees of their Chinese factories.

– Why it’s important to know your product inside out.


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