Original Beans Chocolate is one of those companies that makes us say ‘wow’ a lot.

From their 100% sustainable product – end to end; even the packaging is biodegradable – to their commitment to help the communities that farm their beans, Original Beans is an amazing example of what you can achieve if you set your sights high enough and build a great team.

This episode was recorded in person at the Betahaus in Hamburg.



– The shocking truth of how most chocolate is made (and how real chocolate should be made).

– When is the best time of the day to eat chocolate (it’s not when you think).

– How Original Beans manages to be 100% sustainable and addresses conservation is its suppliers’ communities.

– How Original Beans has scaled to 13 countries so far – and their plans for the future.

– How fair trade is only a minimum standard and why Original Beans opts for direct trade instead, using local farmer cooperatives.

– How they develop their products through on-the-ground partnerships, rather than third parties.

– How the founder of Original Beans ‘rediscovered’ and cultivated a bean in the Peruvian Andes.

– How they make decisions as a company, with an international distributed team.

– How they work to transform local economies into sustainable cacao-growing economies.

– Why it’s so hard to get ‘organic’ certification.

– How they have planted over 1 million trees with their ‘one bar, one tree’, initiative.

– How you can track the eco footprint and conservation efforts in the origin of your specific bar.

– The amazing things Original Beans is doing to empower women and protect Gorillas.


– Original Beans

– Original Beans Founder Philipp Kaufmann

– WWF in Indonesia

– Original Beans’ Sourcing Principles

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