Stitch and Loom

Chris Frager is the co-founder of Stitch and Loom, a company that supports traditional artisans to keep their ancient crafts alive while sharing their beautiful handwoven rugs with buyers all over the world.

Co-founder Matt and Chris share a fondness for traditional Mexican crafts and have spent the last couple traveling through Mexico partnering with artisans.

By chance, they encountered an exquisite rug that was handwoven in Oaxaca by a master Zapotec weaver. They traveled to the village of Teotitlan Del Valle where a community of indigenous weavers have honed their craft for 2000 years.

There they met the Bazan family and began collaborating with them along with the Mendez family. They primarily use traditional Native American patterns while incorporating more vibrant, contemporary color schemes.

Their sourcing methods mirror the direct trade methods seen in the coffee industry where they travel down to Oaxaca and meet every weaver. They create personal relationships and effectively eliminate 3rd party textile factories. They choose to partner with small, family-run workshops that they know and trust, ensuring the fair treatment of all the workers.

Over the last year, Matt and Chris have been welcomed into the Zapotec community and have developed a deep affinity to the Zapotec people and their ancient culture.

Stitch & Loom focuses primarily on the weavers and their story, with the hopes of sustaining an indigenous community and their art for generations to come.

 Stitch & Loom is based in Portland, Oregon.


– How travel inspired the business

– How seeing a rug sent them on an adventure and led them to quit their careers

– Why it’s best to focus on one thing

– How they choose the families they partner with

– Why they are so passionate about this ancient craft

– How they brought their product into the 21st century

– Challenges working with remote indigenous communities

– How they ensure consistency in quality and supply

– How they determine pay for their workers


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