Catherine van der Meulen was the International Brand Manager for fast fashion brand Supre for over 14 years.

During this time, she learned the ins and outs of an industry with a lot of ethical challenges, from oppressive labor conditions to the widespread use of toxic dyes.

Since parting ways with Supre, Cath has shifted her focus to helping other brands adopt more ethical approaches through her consultancy, THiNK Business Services.

In this episode, we enjoy a wide-ranging discussion about her fashion past, her awakening and the future of the fashion industry globally.



– What instigated Cath’s change in perspective about how business should be done.

– What is meant by ‘conscious capitalism’.

– Why it’s important to align your actions with your values.

– Why her past actions make her feel ‘ill’.

– The toxicity of cottons and dyes.

– The problems with ‘fast fashion’.

– The paradox of fast fashion companies working to become more sustainable.

– How companies can make changes to becomes more ethical.

– The challenge of working in a family business.

– What is meant by ‘conscious business’?

– Examples of sustainable business models.

– Benefits of a ‘B Corp’ assessment.

– The importance of incremental change.

– Suggestions for your Christmas shopping this year.



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