Stefan Klumpp is the founder of Mobile Jazz, one of the world’s leading mobile development companies.

He’s built up a company with an incredible team culture, and he’s managed to do it by giving his employees the freedom to work however they want – and from wherever in the world suits them.

Stefan himself lives and works while travelling in his campervan all over Europe, chasing the waves as an avid kite surfer.

In this interview, we talk to Stefan about his amazing journey, his philosophy of work and management and how he has managed to achieve meteoric success by breaking a lot of traditional rules and simply focusing on happiness.

Stefan’s latest project is called ‘optimizing for happiness’ – which allows him to share his philosophy on living the life you want with the world. Through ‘optimizing for happiness’, Stefan is proving that you can achieve everything you want in life – and be genuinely happy – if you have the right approach and work smartly towards that goal.



– Stefan’s journey from a high school drop out to Stanford self-driving cars to a very successful entrepreneur

– How the discovery of kite surfing changed Stefan’s life

– Stefan’s secret for assessing and taking risks and how he avoids fear

– How Stefan accidentally fell into app development and now leads one of the top companies in the world

– Mobile Jazz’s innovative approach to people and culture

– How Mobile Jazz survives and thrives with no sales people

– Why employee happiness is Mobile Jazz’s top priority

– The impact of paying everybody the same base salary

– The rationale behind discussing culture in team meetings every week

– What Stefan has discovered really motivates people

– The challenges of finding and building a great team culture

– How he has inverted traditional management models

– Why people turn down companies like Facebook and Google to work for Mobile Jazz

– Why Mobile Jazz downsized the company for cultural reasons

– Why you should optimize for happiness rather than money

– The importance of breaking goals into smaller and more achievable steps


– Mobile Jazz

– Optimizing for Happiness

– Optimizing for Happiness on Facebook

– Optimizing for Happiness – The Book

– Stanford self-driving car research

– VW Electronic Research Lab

– Maverick by Ricardo Semler

– Sweden’s shorter work week pilot

– MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins

– Momentum tab



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