Mark and Liz are the founders of AfterWire, a boutique online marketing agency specializing in making websites better.

Through ensuring that a website is tracking the data a client needs and working to define the metrics that really matter to them, AfterWire is able to provide companies with a clear action plan to tell if their website is doing its job or not, and, most importantly, how to make it do its job better.

Today, Mark and Liz spend 50% of their time on pro bono work for charities; a passion that they developed during a trip to Kenya where they realized their skills – making websites perform better – could make a huge difference to non-profits and help them raise vastly greater sums of money.



– How it is they manage to spend half their working time on charity projects.

– Why moving to Kenya changed their whole outlook on life and doing charity work.

– How to use your real skills to make an impact in the world.

– How charities can access $10,000 a month of free Adwords funding from Google

– Why you should think about the goals of your website above everything else.

– How they empower NGOs to focus on their core competencies.

– Why they see their own business model as selfish (even though they give half their time away).

– How they’ve managed to grow their own consultancy without doing any marketing.

– How to assess the critical metrics in your own business.


Afterwire (Mark and Liz’s consultancy)

Google Adwords Charity Program

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