We first met Gabrielle at the DNX Conference in Berlin, where she was walking around a party with a colorful diaper in her hands. We knew almost immediately she was our kind of person.

There was indeed method to her madness, however; Gabrielle is the founder and CEO of Sustain A Bum, a Swiss-based company that sells reusable diapers for babies. By using her product, Gabrielle claims, parents replace 6000 disposable diapers with less than twenty of hers, saving both the environment and a great deal of money in the process.

To date, her company has directly prevented 45 tonnes of diapers entering landfill.

We are enamoured with her focus on ‘impact’ as the lens through which she makes all her business decisions, from which products to create to how to market them. Well, she certainly made an impact on us at that party!



– How effective a diaper is as a conversation starter.

– How a chemical engineer made the transition to selling diapers online.

– Everything you ever wanted to know about the scary chemicals that go into most disposable diaper.

– How Gabrielle saves her average customer 1500 Euros a year, while also ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly product.

– How Gabrielle supports the employment of disabled workers through her company.

– How Gabrielle found her factory and the certifications that were important to her.

– Hints on navigating Alibaba to find an appropriate supplier.

– The benefits of visiting your factory early on in the process.

– Why it’s important to build a close relationship with the people making your products.


Sustain A Bum


Sustain A Bum Impact

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