Carsten Primdal returns to the show for round two to talk sourcing products the right way.

In his first interview, way back in episode 5, we talked with Carsten about his experience working with companies in Asia and elsewhere to secure more ethical supply chains.

In this interview, we get into the nuts and bolts of foreign sourcing – with the aim of helping you, the entrepreneur, investigate ways to make your supply chain more ethical – without taking your focus off running your business.

There are some simple improvements you can make, and some basic investigations you can make, that will help you sleep at night. Carsten talks us through the most impactful options.



– How to look into your own supply chain and minimize your impact

– The biggest impact you can make on your supply chain for the smallest effort

– How to verify what happens on the ground where your products are made

– The business advantages of looking into your supply chain in detail

– Why Alibaba is like internet dating

– Whether you can trust the Alibaba gold seller certification

– Why you should use caution when ordering product samples

– How to investigate your supply chain without leaving your house

– What to consider when looking at employment conditions in a factory

– How to be realistic and start small

– How to research what certifications your factories hold

– How to communicate attempts to improve your operations

– The complex question of raw materials

– Why visiting your factory yourself can pay off

– Why you are risking your reputation by not knowing how your products are made

– The role of capacity-building over traditional audits



Our first interview with Carsten

Carsten’s Book: “Red Flag – Your guide to risk management when buying in China”

Vantage Compliance

Elephant Branded

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