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Donate Some Skill:

As you probably know, we don’t get paid to do this – but it does take a lot of time and cost a bit of money.

If you, or someone you know, has a bit of time and wouldn’t mind helping us out we are ALWAYS keen to hear from people with skills in any of the following areas:

  • Writing and editing
  • Graphic design
  • Podcast production and editing

If you (or a friend) have a bit of capacity to help us out, we will be eternally grateful.

This is our contribution to the world, but on our own the impact we can have is limited. We need you.

Please get in touch through the contact form on the right if you have some time and a passion for ethical business. In return, we will feature you as a team member on our website and boost your career however we can!

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Donate Some Money:

Volunteers are great. In fact, volunteers are the best!

But not everybody has time to spare.

We do everything we can as cheaply as possible, but some things (like having a website and producing a podcast) do cost money.

So if you like what we do, we’d invite you to support us by contributing to our efforts on Patreon.

Every little bit helps- thank you.

We don’t charge to feature great companies or people – that would be against our ethical principles and undermine the trust of our community.

Instead, we do it this way.

Thanks so much 🙂

Sponsor Our Podcast:

We do have available sponsorship opportunities for businesses that align with our vision or creating a better world.

If your business aligns with our principles and you would like to explore how to support us by sponsoring our podcast, please get in touch via the contact form above.