Who are the Fair Marketeers?

We’re entrepreneurs and development experts with a range of experience in online and offline business, consulting, international development and human rights.

But that’s not why we started this movement.

We started Fair Marketeers because we knew we needed to do better. Not just in our own businesses, but our own lives: we needed to get better at using the precious time we have on this planet.

Put simply, we grew tired of sitting behind a desk all day, every day, waiting for something like Fair Marketeers to come along.

But it didn’t.

There are thousands upon thousands of business owners doing amazing things to have a positive impact on the world. But most of you are slogging away, day-in, day-out, with little recognition and no fanfare.

And there are many more people out there trying to find businesses that are trying hard to do the right thing.

Not that’s we’re some kind of Hollywood mutual appreciation society – we really aren’t. But we love to hear about what other people are doing, learn from them and share our own experience.

Did you every hear that saying: “You’re the average of your 5 closest friends?” well, it’s just so true. And imagine what you can achieve when you gain 500 close friends that share your world view and are just as motivated to make the world better.

That’s what we’re about.

Thanks for coming on the journey with us.

The Original Fair Marketeers… Melanie Palmer and Ross Townson:

<strong>Ross Townson</strong>
Ross TownsonCo-Founder
Ross has particular expertise in economic empowerment, including microfinance and remittances, having worked in these areas through the G20 on behalf of the Australian Government.
Ross holds a Master’s Degree in International Law and has worked extensively on human rights issues in the national and international context.
<strong>Melanie Palmer</strong>
Melanie PalmerCo-Founder
Melanie has a deep passion and strong history in international development. She is passionate about economic empowerment, particularly for women, and believes entrepreneurship is the most direct route out of poverty for the world’s least fortunate people.

Some of Ross’s highlights:

Ross has worked in a variety of roles, including as a financial advisor and a senior legal officer and policy manager for the Australian Government. In these roles he was fortunate to travel around the world to drive positive development outcomes for the world’s poorest people. For the past two years, Ross has been running his own startups – and has no desire to return to the 9-5 life.
  • Policy Manager (G20) – Australian Agency for International Development
  • Senior Legal Officer (National Security) – Federal Attorney-General’s Department
  • Legal Officer (Office of International Law) – Federal Attorney-General’s Department
Ross holds a variety of professional qualifications, including:
    • Master of Laws (International Law) – Australian National University
    • Graduate Diploma (Legal Practice) – Australian National University
    • Bachelor of Laws – Australian National University
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance / International Business) – Australian National University
    My favorite thing is helping people run their businesses in a less impactful way. When I’m not doing that, I like to play golf, read, start new businesses and experiment with my sleeping patterns. Tried polyphasic sleep? Get in touch – I’ve done it twice.

    Some of Melanie’s highlights

    Melanie has a wealth of experience at all levels of government in Australia and in the private sector. For two years, Melanie was responsible for managing one of the Australian Government’s largest foreign aid programs and also managed the Mekong regional water program. Having got a taste of the sweet 90-hour startup weeks, there’s no way she could ever go back to a cushy Government gig.
    • Policy/Program Manager (Mekong) – Australian Agency for International Development
    • Policy Officer (Human Rights) – Federal Attorney General’s Department
    • Parliamentary Officer – NSW Member of Parliament
    • Master of Public Policy (With Merit) – Australian National University
    • Bachelor of International Business – Macquarie University
    My favorite things are helping poor people in developing countries (you should see my Kiva portfolio!) and business consulting. So Fair Marketeers is really the combination of my two passions in life. In this context, I live to help women (especially) in developing countries get ahead – and working with our community to do the same. And Penguins!
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